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At Grobnik, a picturesque location near the city of Rijeka, gastronomy represents one of the key elements of cultural identity. This area boasts a rich culinary heritage that stretches back centuries. Given its geographical location on the edge of the Mediterranean and in close proximity to continental regions, Grobnik’s gastronomic offering combines influences of coastal delicacies with traditional inland cuisine. One of the most recognizable gastronomic specialties of this area is their famous spit-roasted lamb, prepared in a traditional manner with the addition of spices from local gardens.

Culinary Magic of Our Region, Apartments Rena, Dražice, Croatia
Restaurant AEROSTEAK

A place where your senses are taking you

When dishes we consume are delicious, meat is soft and prepared as it should be according to the rules of profession, we say we are satisfied. When a pleasant atmosphere, really good waiters and fast service are added to that– the restaurant certainly gets a recommendation. When we raise all of this to a higher level adding our unique culinary touch to excellent ingredients, when the overall gastronomic experience reaches a level where a guest will hardly have an objection, in that case we are talking about Aerosteak.

Restaurant Putniku

Brunch, Lunch or Dinner... You are welcome

The “Putniku” restaurant in Grobnik is not just a place to eat, but also a destination that offers an unforgettable gastronomic journey through the flavors and aromas of this beautiful region. Visitors return time and again to experience the magic of “Putnik” and create new memories that they will cherish forever.

Beautiful coast of Croatia, Apartments Rena
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